The Dominant Political Institutions For Black And Women Candidates Are Struggling With The New Wave Of Black And Women Candidates- BuzzFees

Diversity in Attorney General’s Race Is Celebrated: Whoever Wins Will Make History- New York Times

Women have won more primaries than ever before. Will they set a record in November?-New York Times

Black Women Candidates Successfully Navigate The Primary Season With Little Help From The Democratic Establishment -News One

Unpacking PACS: Here Are Four Political Action Committees Supporting Black Candidates- Blavity

VIDEO: Higher Heights Co-Founder Weighs in on Racist Robocalls Targeting Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams- Cheddar

Political pioneers: Voters elect trailblazing candidates- AP

Breaking Barriers, Letitia James Is Elected New York Attorney General- New York Times

An Unprecedented Number Of Women Just Won Elections Across The Country- BuzzFeed

US midterm elections broke barriers of race and gender- Stuff

Black women turned electoral power into political power in 2018- Vox

Women Enjoy Political Gains, but Advocates Want More- Wall Street Journal

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