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Amani Boyce

BROOKLYN – Lateefah Simon emerged triumphant in the recent U.S. Congressional primary election for California’s U.S. Senate (CA-12) seat, held last Tuesday. In her bid for office, Simon is contending for the esteemed position currently occupied by U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who officially endorsed Simon just last month.

In celebration of Lateefah Simon’s primary victory, Higher Heights for America PAC Vice President of Programs Eboni Taylor released the following statement: 

“I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Lateefah Simon on her recent primary triumph. California is on the brink of gaining an exceptional leader who will positively impact the city and its community. Black women consistently astound me with their unwavering determination to break boundaries and pursue meaningful goals. Higher Heights stands firmly behind Lateefah as she embarks on her journey to achieve even greater feats and advancements. We are steadfast in our commitment to promoting progressive Black women candidates at all levels of government and eagerly anticipate Lateefah’s victory in securing a Congressional seat.” 

Lateefah Simon will be on California’s ballot on November 5, 2024.



About Higher Heights for America PAC: 

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