Running for:

U.S. House of Representatives Alabama Congressional District 3

Current Position:

U.S. House (D-AL) District 3 Challenger

Party Affiliation:


Adia Winfrey

Federal / 90 views


Adia McClellan Winfrey’s social justice work began in middle school, and in 1996 she was selected as the Olympic Torchbearer for community activism at the age of 16. Being a high school student in the 90s meant coming of age during hip-hop’s golden era. The genre, along with the community work she had already been engaged in, helped to politicize her. Winfrey is a firm believer that hip-hop culture is a vehicle to educate, heal, and empower. As the Democratic nominee for Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District, she plans to continue her lifelong work of using hip-hop culture as a tool for political mobilization. For over 20 years Winfrey has committed herself to becoming a leading expert in the prevention field. In addition to running for the U.S. Congress, she holds a full-time position as the Community Wellness Coordinator with Aletheia House.