Running for:

U.S. House Georgia 5th Congressional District

Current Position:

U.S. House (R-GA) Challenger

Party Affiliation:


Angela Stanton-King


Federal / 1605 views


Angela Stanton-King is the founder of American King Foundation, which seeks to reunite American families separated by mass incarceration with a pathway to justice, economic stability, and relational wellness. She serves as the community outreach coordinator for The Alive Center – a place of help, hope, and healing for hurting people. Angela is an active board member for Beacon Leadership Academy and an advisor for Cando Clemency and Alveda King Ministries. She is also the Georgia Regional State Coordinator for Coalition of Leaders United. Since her release from prison in 2005, Stanton-King established Stanton Publishing House and formed several organizations dedicated to restoring values, healing victims of sexual abuse, and assisting disadvantaged persons.