Running for:

Pennsylvania House of Representatives to represent District 176

Current Position:

State House (D-PA) Challenger

Party Affiliation:


Claudette Williams

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Claudette Williams knows the meaning of sacrifice, which she has done repeatedly by putting the needs of her country before her own and before her family’s. Williams moved from New York City to Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania in the late 1990s after serving for 16 years in the U.S. Army. She was called back to active duty in 2003. “As a single mother who had to think about serving and protecting my family, I answered the call to serve and protect my country,” she says. “I realized that by answering my country’s call, I would ultimately be protecting my children’s safety, so I embarked overseas. I know the drill. I taught the soldiers under my command that their lives depended on trusting each other and working together. That message carried my troops and me very far overseas. I know I can help make the changes Pennsylvania needs in Harrisburg with the same drive to succeed.”