Amanda Edwards

For U.S. Senate, Texas

Portrait of For U.S. Senate, Texas

Position Sought

U.S. Senator, Texas

Current Position

Houston City Council At-large Position 4

Date of Primary

March 3, 2020

Date of General Election

November 3, 2020


Higher Heights for America PAC was proud to endorse Amanda Edwards to represent the state of Texas in the United States Senate.

Amanda is an accomplished attorney who currently serves on the Houston City Council representing 2.3 million constituents. A Texas native, she is a grassroots leader with a long history of fierce community advocacy.  One of Edwards’ guiding principles is, “be the solution.” When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, Edwards did just that by organizing hundreds of volunteers to provide ongoing relief efforts for Houston’s most vulnerable. 

History shows that when Black women gain political power, they champion policies that benefit multiple communities. Since joining the city council, Amanda initiated and led the Mayor’s Technology & Innovation Task Force to build a more robust innovation economy in Houston, and now sits on the Houston Exponential Board of Directors. Amanda launched and now leads the City of Houston Women and Minority-Owned Business Task Force to assist Houston women and minority business owners with gaining access to capital and scaling their businesses.

Amanda also understands that access to healthcare is more than just a political issue, for many Americans, it is a matter of life or death that impacts families. When she was a child, her father was diagnosed with cancer. She witnessed his battle with the disease and now her mother’s as well. As a U.S. senator, she will work tirelessly to expand access to quality, affordable healthcare coverage for all.

Why is this race so important? U.S. senators will be involved in confirming federal judges who often have the final say on policies relating to immigration, labor unions, business regulation, climate change, healthcare and same-sex marriage.  Representation in the Senate also matters for the future prospects of major legislation and confirmations to the Supreme Court.

Higher Heights for America PAC strongly encouraged its members to support Amanda’s campaign with their time, talent and resources. We know there is strength in our numbers, and when mobilized, Black women can and do make the difference in elections.

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