Attica Scott

For Kentucky's 3rd Congressional District

Portrait ofFor Kentucky's 3rd Congressional District

Position Sought

US House of Representative, KY-3

Current Position

Kentucky House of Representative 41st District

Party Affiliation


Date of Primary Election

May 17, 2022

Date of General Election

November 8, 2022


Higher Heights for America PAC is proud to endorse Attica Scott to represent Kentucky’s 3rd Congressional District. Attica currently represents the 41st District in Kentucky’s House of Representatives.

Born and raised in Louisville, Attica realizes the disparities that exist throughout the state and wants to eradicate them. She is a proud graduate from Dupont Manual High School and later obtained a BA in Political Science from Knoxville College and an MS in Communications from the University of Tennessee.

As a candidate for the Jefferson County Public Schools Board of Education, she fought for students’ rights. As a Councilwoman on Louisville Metro Council, Attica successfully spearheaded and passed a minimum wage increase and a bill to ban the box on job applications.

In 2016, Attica defeated a 34-year incumbent to become the first Black woman elected to the Kentucky General Assembly in twenty years. During her five years in the supermajority GOP state legislature, Attica filed over 80 bills, including a bill banning no-knock search warrants; The Maternal Care Act, a bill reducing the high maternal mortality rate of Black women; and a resolution to pass The Green New Deal.

And in 2022, she plans on making history again by being the first Black woman elected to DC from Kentucky.

To learn more about Attica, visit her website.