Cheri Beasley

For US Senate, North Carolina

Portrait ofFor US Senate, North Carolina

Position Sought

U.S. Senate, North Carolina

Date of Primary

May 3, 2022

Date of General Election

November 8, 2022


Higher Heights for America PAC is proud to endorse Cheri Beasley to represent North Carolina in the US Senate.

Cheri Beasley has devoted her life to public service and to the people of North Carolina.  

From a young age, Cheri was taught that no door should be closed to her, and that with hard work and faith, she could accomplish anything. 

Cheri’s mom was a trailblazer, earning a Ph.D., and becoming a university dean and a  national leader in her field. Cheri followed in her mom’s footsteps. She graduated college, earned a law degree and worked as a public defender in Fayetteville. Cheri won her first election as district judge shortly after she and her husband Curt welcomed their twin boys, Thomas and Matthew.  

In 2008, Cheri was elected to the North Carolina Court of Appeals, winning by a commanding 15-point margin of victory – her first of two successful statewide elections.  In 2014, Cheri was elected Associate Justice of the state Supreme Court, overcoming a Republican wave that flipped Democratic-held seats in North Carolina and states across the country.  

In 2019, Cheri made history by becoming the first African American woman to serve as Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. Cheri’s leadership of the courts was celebrated with one newspaper editorial board applauding her “deep commitment to serving the public and upholding justice.” 

Cheri has seen how Washington only responds to the well-connected, whether on health care, education or the ability to find work that supports a family and retire with dignity. She is running for Senate to fight for all North Carolinians.

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