Debbie Harrington

for Lt. Governor of Delaware

Portrait offor Lt. Governor of Delaware

Position Sought

Lt. Governor of Delaware

Date of General Election

September 10, 2024


Debbie Harrington grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia, a Navy town along the Elizabeth River, as one of nine children. Her family initially lived in the Ida Barbour housing project before moving to a large suburban development for Black homeowners in the South. This community was diverse, with residents from various educational and financial backgrounds, including teachers, pastors, postal workers, shipyard tradesmen, and grocery store employees.

Debbie graduated from high school and became the first in her family to complete college, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Norfolk State University. Following her graduation, she joined the U.S. Army as a 2nd Lieutenant and served for 25 years, retiring as a full Colonel. Her roles included Transportation and Logistics Officer, Systems Integrator at the Pentagon, Battalion Commander of a Port Operations Battalion, Chief of the Deployment Center for NATO, and Director of Strategic Plans for the Navy’s Military Sealift Command. She served as Operations Officer during Desert Storm in the Port of Ad Dammam. Debbie was inducted into the Norfolk State University Military Hall of Fame as the first female graduate to reach the rank of Colonel and command a battalion.