Dianne Morales

For Mayor of New York, NY

Portrait ofFor Mayor of New York, NY

Position Sought

Mayor of New York, NY

Date of Primary Election

June 22, 2021


Higher Heights for America PAC is proud to endorse Dianne Morales as our #2 ranked choice for Mayor of New York City, NY.

Dianne was born in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, to two working-class parents, who believed that the American Dream was not just a promise that success was possible for everyone – but a promise to lift others as they climb.

From a very early age, Dianne watched her parents serve as a support system for neighbors and family who the city’s safety net failed. As a single mom of two, Dianne is personally familiar with the difficulties of navigating both the education and healthcare systems of NYC when trying to do what is best for her children. This has fueled Dianne’s life-long commitment to fix the broken systems that block millions from the American Dream.

Dianne has an undergraduate degree from Stony Brook University and graduate degrees from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Columbia University.

She is a former NYC public school teacher turned non-profit executive with over 25 years of experience. She was a founding member of Jump Start, a national early childhood education organization and served as Executive Director of the Door, where she implemented mental health services for homeless youth. Most recently, she served as CEO of Phipps Neighborhoods, where she oversaw the implementation and operation of several supportive housing programs. 

Her leadership and advocacy in education, employment, and social justice have improved the lives of New Yorkers in some of the most under-resourced neighborhoods, and created permanent pathways out of poverty for single moms, LGBTQIA youth, the formerly incarcerated and the homeless. 

Dianne believes that we must uplift those who are most vulnerable and have historically been left behind. There is transformative potential in the current crisis to create a new social compact that recognizes our interdependence & the power of collective action to create new possibilities for a just recovery. New York City thrives when every woman is able to live safely, every family has a pathway to economic opportunity and every child has access to quality education.