Erica Smith

US House Representative, NC-01

Portrait ofUS House Representative, NC-01

Position Sought

North Carolina's 1st Congressional District

Date of Primary

May 17, 2022

Date of General Election

November 8, 2022


Higher Heights for America PAC was proud to endorse Erica Smith to represent North Carolina’s 1st Congressional District.

Erica has a solid track record of promoting job creation, educational opportunities and economic development initiatives. Erica worked her way up from grassroots advocacy to serve at both the local and state elected office levels. Erica is currently a member of the North Carolina State Senate, representing District 3, a seat she first won in 2014 by defeating a six-term incumbent.

Erica has sponsored bills that support incentives for promoting economic development opportunities, investments in highways, roads, water and sewage systems, broadband, rural center initiatives and programming through business incubators.  As an engineer – Erica believes that systems should be analyzed and re-engineered for optimization and enhancing outcomes.

If elected Erica will work to expand Medicare and Medicaid to all Americans who choose it, to ensure that all health plans provide full access to all aspects of women’s reproductive healthcare, to close gender and demographic earning gaps, and increase the minimum wage. Erica supports common-sense gun control measures, no-money bonds for misdemeanors and for low-level felonies.

Why is this race so important? U.S. senators will be involved in confirming federal judges who often have the final say on policies relating to immigration, labor unions, business regulation, climate change, and healthcare.  Representation in the Senate also matters for the future prospects of major legislation and confirmations to the Supreme Court.

The time is now to elect more Black women to be at decision-making tables to represent us.  Higher Heights for America PAC strongly encouraged its members to support Erica’s campaign with their time, talent, and resources.