India Walton

For Mayor of Buffalo, NY

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Mayor of Buffalo, NY

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Date of General Election

November 2, 2021


Higher Heights for America is proud to endorse India Walton for Mayor of Buffalo, New York.

India Walton is the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Buffalo. Born and raised on the east side, India became a working single mother at just 14 years old. After the traumatic birth of her twins at just 24 weeks gestation, she became a Registered Nurse, working first in that same NICU and then in Buffalo public schools. As a healthcare worker, India became a representative in the 1199 SEIU union, standing up for both workers and patients from picket lines in Buffalo to the U.S. Supreme Court’s steps, where she was invited to speak at a national women’s rights rally in 2014.

Continuing to serve as a nurse in Buffalo Public Schools, India witnessed the health disparities among our most vulnerable citizens and became determined to change the systems that cause these injustices. India’s commitment to systemic change called her to become a community organizer for Open Buffalo, establishing herself as a thought leader on a wide range of issues, including criminal justice reform and fair housing. 

She then became the founding Executive Director of Buffalo’s premier Community Land Trust, Fruit Belt CLT, where she led community-directed development projects, modeling a democratic alternative to profit-driven housing development directed by billionaire real estate tycoons. Having proven her passion for caring for people from infants to elders, India is real, resilient, and ready to be the next Mayor of Buffalo. 

She is a lifelong member of Bills Nation and a devoted tailgater. 

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