Keir Bradford-Grey

for Attorney General of Pennsylvania

Portrait of for Attorney General of Pennsylvania

Position Sought

Attorney General of Pennsylvania

Former Position

Former Chief Defender of Philadelphia

Date of General Election

November 5, 2024


Raised in a proud union household, Keir was the first in her family to graduate college. As a young girl, Keir saw the impact the justice system could have on families like hers, and in law school, she dedicated herself to fighting for change.

As a nationally-recognized state and federal defender for more than two decades, Keir has devoted her career to creating a justice system that makes our communities safer and serves the people it’s meant to protect.

Keir was the first African American to lead public defender offices in Montgomery County – where she was initially appointed by now-Governor Josh Shapiro – and Philadelphia County, ultimately overseeing a staff of 500+ and a $50M budget.

She pioneered innovative solutions to our criminal justice system that have been proven to keep us safe. As a result of Keir’s work as Chief Defender, for instance, there are now ten community justice hubs in Philadelphia. Throughout her career, she’s partnered with police, community stakeholders, and local officials to find solutions to the challenges facing Pennsylvania families.

Keir has a track record as an effective leader who delivers results.

As Attorney General, Keir will take on powerful special interests that treat vulnerable people unfairly, from corporate polluters to opioid manufacturers and predatory lenders.

Keir will always fight for fairness, opportunity and justice.