Kim Janey

For Mayor of Boston

Portrait ofFor Mayor of Boston

Position Sought

Mayor of Boston

Current Position

Acting Mayor of Boston

Date of Primary Election

September 14, 2021

General Election Donation Limit



Higher Heights for America is proud to endorse Kim Janey for the Mayor of Boston, Massachusetts. Kim Janey currently serves as the acting Mayor of Boston and the President of the City Council. 

As a fourth-generation Roxbury resident, Kim built her career as a longtime education advocate and non-profit leader. Before becoming Mayor of Boston, Kim made history in 2017 when she became the first woman to serve in District 7 on the Boston City Council. Throughout her political career, Janey has been an advocate for women’s healthcare and supports expanded healthcare for everyone, including establishing a Medicare for All system in Massachusetts. She is working to help close the Black maternal mortality rate in Boston.

As Mayor, Janey’s number one focus will be leading Boston’s recovery, distributing the Covid-19 vaccine in a timely and equitable manner, getting our children back to school in a safe environment for students and teachers, and making sure that our economic recovery focuses on those communities most affected by the pandemic.

A historic Mayor, who will take over at a historic moment of crisis, Kim Janey is committed to maintaining stability in city services, helping Boston recover, and making sure no community is left out of the economic recovery.

Now, Janey seeks to become the first Black person and first woman elected to mayor in Boston.