Michelle Mosby

for Mayor of Richmond, VA

Portrait offor Mayor of Richmond, VA

Position Sought

Mayor of Richmond, VA

Former Position

Richmond City Council

Date of General Election

November 5, 2024


Michelle Mosby, the trailblazing first Black woman to lead Richmond’s City Council, is now vying for the position of Mayor in Richmond, Virginia. With a proven track record marked by budget surpluses, enhanced bond ratings, and successful initiatives such as new schools, riverfront investments, and bus rapid transit, Michelle showcases her leadership prowess. As an accomplished entrepreneur, Michelle is also the founder of the Help Me Help You Foundation, dedicated to facilitating citizens’ successful reentry into the workforce post-incarceration. Engaged in various civic roles, she currently serves as a member of the National Association of Realtors, Richmond NAACP, and played a crucial role in the Richmond City Audit Committee during her tenure as the president of the council. Michelle’s commitment extends to diverse boards and committees, including the Richmond City Social Services Advisory Board, Richmond City Community Criminal Justice Board (CCJB), Richmond City Career Technical Education (CTE) Board, Richmond City Education and Human Services Committee, and the Richmond City Alternatives to Incarceration Board.