Monika Johnson Hostler

For US House Representative, NC-2

Portrait of For US House Representative, NC-2

Position Sought

U.S. House Representative, North Carolina District 2

Current Position

North Carolina Wake County Public School Board, District 2

Date of Primary

March 3, 2020

Date of General Election

November 3, 2020


Higher Heights for America PAC is proud to endorse Monika Johnson Hostler to represent North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District. Monika  is a lifelong advocate and policy leader. In 2013, Monika was elected to the Wake County Public School Board, the16th largest school district in the United States with more than 160,000 children and over 19,500 teachers and staff. In this role, Monika provided fiscal oversight to the Board’s $1.65 billion operating and capital budget and successfully championed a $548 million bond measure for the construction of new schools and renovations to existing schools. The bond measure passed with 67% voter approval.

As only the third African American elected to the Wake Board of Education in its 40 year history, Monika guided the district to think about equity and dismantling racism and oppression in the district. Under Monika’s leadership, the Office of Equity Affairs expanded to help address equity issues throughout the district. Monika has also been an advocate for women and children through her work at the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Monika is the first African American woman to serve as the board president for the National Alliance Ending Sexual Violence (NAESV), representing the 56 state and territorial sexual assault coalitions and 1,500 rape crisis centers. She has served on former President Barack Obama’sChildren Who Witness Committee and Attorney General Eric Holder’s National Advisory Committee.

Black women represent a major political constituency, consumer base and volunteer base. Yet, they have largely been left out of important debates related to civil rights, economic justice and reproductive justice. The time is now to elect more Black women to be at decision-making tables to represent us.

If elected, Monika  will support Medicare for all, work to protect a woman’s right to choose, support policies that improve our children’s education, advocate for fair and living wages, and support equal rights for our LGBTQ+ community. 

History shows that when Black women gain political power we champion policies that benefit multiple communities. Higher Heights for America PAC strongly encourages its members to support Monika’s campaign with their time, talent and resources.

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