Stacey E. Plaskett

for U.S. House of Representatives (Delegate for U.S. Virgin Islands)

Portrait offor U.S. House of Representatives (Delegate for U.S. Virgin Islands)

Position Sought

U.S. House of Representatives (Delegate for U.S. Virgin Islands)

Current Position

U.S. House of Representatives (Delegate for U.S. Virgin Islands)

Date of General Election

November 5, 2024


Congresswoman Stacey E. Plaskett represents the At-Large Congressional District of the United States Virgin Islands in the House of Representatives. Ms. Plaskett is serving her 5th term in Congress and was appointed by Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries as the Ranking Member of the House Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government and the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on National Intelligence Enterprise on the Intelligence Committee for the 118th Congress.

As Ranking Member of the House Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government, Ms. Plaskett works to ensure Democratic members of this Subcommittee focus on evidence-based inquiries and not wild conspiracy theories. The Republican’s attempt to derail the federal government’s obligation to investigate and conduct due process on actions, organizations, and individuals that threaten our republic and create an anti-democratic environment will be met with strong resistance by Ms. Plaskett and her Democratic colleagues on the subcommittee.

As the Ranking Member on the Intelligence Committee’s Subcommittee on National Intelligence Enterprise, Plaskett calls on her studies at Georgetown’s Foreign Service School to understand global issues and her Socratic-trained legal skills to ensure accountability and transparency in US Intelligence work in counter and other intelligence matters. Congresswoman Plaskett is the first member of a territory to be named a Ranking Member of a Select Committee and the first to be a member of the Select Permanent Intelligence Committee.

In 2021, Stacey Plaskett was appointed by the former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, to be one of the nine impeachment managers to prosecute President Trump in the U.S. Senate. Plaskett conducted some of the most detailed presentations of the events of the day and was one of the managers chosen to respond to the Questions of U.S. Senators during the day of the proceedings. At the time of the Senate trial, Ms. Plaskett was the only Black woman in the Senate Chamber.

Previously, Congresswoman Plaskett served on the House Committee on Ways and Means, the oldest and one of the most exclusive committees in Congress. Plaskett was the first Member from a U.S. territory and only the fourth Black woman to serve on this committee. Additionally, she has served on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, as well as the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

Ms. Plaskett is one of the founders and co-chairs of the Congressional Caucus on Black Innovation, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, and the New Democrat Coalition, where she is a co-chair of the Infrastructure Taskforce and the at-large Leadership Member. Congresswoman Plaskett also co-chairs the Congressional Caribbean Caucus.

Stacey Plaskett is a staunch advocate for poverty reduction and equal voting rights and is well-versed in Caribbean economic development and public-private partnerships for growing the economies of developing areas. She is a graduate of Choate Rosemary Hall, earned her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University, and received her Juris Doctorate from American University’s Washington College of Law.