Running for U.S. House of Representatives Alabama Congressional District 3

Adia McClellan Winfrey’s social justice work began in middle school, and in 1996 she was selected as the Olympic Torchbearer for community activism at the...

Federal / Democrat / 422 views


Running for Kansas House of Representatives District 34

Valdenia Winn has served as a member of the Kansas House of Representatives, representing the 34th district. She has served since 2001. Since 1972, Winn...

State / Democrat / 296 views


Running for Mayor Baltimore Maryland

Shannon Wright was raised to understand the importance of giving back and community service. She worked with several nonprofit community organizations and was able to...

Local / Republican / 395 views


Running for Michigan House of Representatives District 1

Tenisha Yancey was born and raised on the east side of Detroit. When her father, a bus driver for the Detroit Department of Transportation, died,...

State / Democrat / 413 views


Running for East Palo Alto City Council California

Lisa Gauthier is a long time resident of East Palo Alto and is currently seeking re-election to the East Palo Alto City Council.  She was...

Local / Unknown / 429 views


Running for Missouri House of Representatives District 22

Yolanda R. Young is the managing director of Community Outreach and Engagement for Kansas City. She previously worked as a Prevention Program Specialist and a...

State / Democrat / 493 views


Running for Pennsylvania House of Representatives to represent District 185

Regina Young knew early in life that she could not stand by when encountering homelessness two decades ago. She decided to give hats and gloves...

State / Democrat / 406 views


Running for Pennsylvania House of Representatives District 198

Rosita C. Youngblood, first elected to serve in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on in 1994, has focused on serving the constituents of the 198th...

State / Democrat / 464 views


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