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BROOKLYN (June 6, 2022) – Today, Higher Heights for America PAC, the only political action committee exclusively dedicated to electing more progressive Black women, has gathered a group of Black women leaders from across the country in support of Representative Karen Bass’s candidacy for Mayor of Los Angeles.

Tomorrow, Los Angeles voters will go to the polls and decide who advances in the primary to be their next Mayor. Karen Bass has a bold vision for Los Angeles, and, if elected, will be the first Black woman to lead the second-largest and one of the most diverse cities in the nation.  

Just a mere few years ago, only one Black woman was serving as mayor of one of the United States’ 100 largest cities. Today, seven are holding down one of these offices, showing that Black women’s leadership is becoming more recognized, sought after, and commonplace as their voices, votes, and participation grows as a vital part of American democracy.

And Karen Bass has the experience, values, and support to lead the city of Los Angeles.

The following Black women leaders have signed their names in support of Karen Bass for Mayor of Los Angeles:

Glynda Carr, Higher Heights for America PAC

Debra L. Lee, Chairman & CEO Emeritus – BET Networks

Tishaura O. Jones, Mayor City of St. Louis, MO

LaTosha Brown, Black Voters Matter Fund

Melanie L. Campbell

Adrianne Shropshire, BlackPAC

Aimee Allison, She the People

Shavon L Arline-Bradley, Delta for Women In Action

Holli Holliday

Holly J. Mitchell, Los Angeles County Supervisor

Kellie Todd Griffin, CA Black Women’s Collective

Julie M. Waters, Emerge California

Dr. Sharma Henderson, CA Black Women’s Collective

Rachel Brashier, CA Black Women’s Democratic Club

Taelor Nicholas, The Collective PAC

Rachel Noerdlinger, National Communications Strategist

Cookie Parker, Executive Advisor, Philanthropist, and Community Activist

Kirsten Albrecht, Adoption Advocate

Vanessa Spencer, BronxWood Projects Inc.

Bridgid Coulter Cheadle, Blackbird Collective PBC

Mariah Lichtenstern

Crystal Crawford

Thryeris S. Mason

Darlene Futrel

The following are a few statements of support for Karen Bass:

“Karen Bass is running for mayor because she knows that solving the homelessness crisis is vital for the city. She is a staunch advocate for justice, public advocacy and bettering the lives of Los Angeles residents. Karen has a bold vision for Los Angeles and as a Black woman with a deep breadth of experience, she brings a unique set of skills to the table that makes her well equipped to lead the city in the right direction. She has the proven track record, values, and support to be the leader that the city currently needs” said Glynda C. Carr, President and CEO of Higher Heights for America PAC. 

“Karen Bass is the right woman to be the next Mayor of Los Angeles. Her experience and commitment to Los Angeles are head and shoulders above all the other candidates. I will be proud to have her lead my City,” said Debra Lee, Chairman and CEO Emeritus of BET Networks.

“Karen Bass has a track record of extraordinary leadership and courage. In this moment, this nation needs courageous leaders to make sure that people that are most vulnerable are not continuously pushed to the margins and into homelessness, hopelessness, or a lack of opportunities in America’s largest cities,” said LaTosha Brown, Co-Founder of Black Voters Matter Fund.

“Congresswoman Bass is one of the most effective public servants I have had the privilege to work with in her leadership roles in Congress. I have witnessed her unique ability to bring diverse communities together. She will be an effective mayor for all the people of Los Angeles,” said Melanie L. Campbell. 

“I’ve known Karen Bass for nearly 30 years and there is no one more qualified or more prepared to lead the city of Los Angeles in all of its diversity, than she is. The challenges facing LA’s neighborhoods require a focused and dedicated public servant who can meet this moment and that person is Karen Bass,” said Adrianne Shropshire, Executive Director of BlackPAC.

“Delta for Women in Action is proud to endorse Karen Bass for Mayor of the city of Los Angeles.  Her tenacity, leadership, and commitment to public service to the community qualifies her. Our organization stands by this historic campaign and knows in this moment that Karen Bass’s presence in this race means we are on the verge of changing the trajectory for the citizens of Los Angeles,” said Shavon Arline-Bradley, President of Delta for Women in Action.

“Women of color are all in for Karen Bass. We trust her to lead Los Angeles on abortion rights, affordable housing, and safe streets,” said Aimee Allison, Founder of She the People.

“Karen Bass has been a game-changer and advocate in Washington. Now, she is bringing her bold leadership home to Los Angeles,” said Holli Holliday.

“Congresswoman Karen Bass is the leader our city needs. She meets the challenges we face with action, from founding Community Coalition to fighting for us in Congress during an unprecedented pandemic and national reckoning for social and racial justice – Karen continues to be an effective coalition builder who creates solutions that serve in the best interest of our communities. There is no one I trust more to lead Los Angeles,” said Holly Mitchell, Los Angele County Supervisor.

“Karen Bass will move Los Angeles to a level of collective success and equitable outcomes that this city has never seen before. It is time for LA to finally become the model for urban development, planning, and community transformation that it is capable of becoming. Nothing breeds success like radical change and Karen Bass has the experience, talent, skills, acumen, intellect, passion, and vision LA needs to thrive – not just for those who have but for all who work, live, and play in a city that has always been like no other,” said Dr. Sharma Henderson, CA Black Women’s Collective. 

“Karen is THE TRUTH — for the people and of the people! She’s a servant-leader extraordinaire!” said Crystal Crawford.

“I have watched Congresswoman Bass over the years from a community organizer to United States Congresswoman and it is undeniable that she is fiercely loyal, loves Los Angeles and has faithfully served and fought for its residents for decades and they know that. She didn’t just develop a deep love and concern for the people of Los Angeles in time to file a declaration of candidacy, she has been here all along fighting and advocating for a better life especially for the marginalized. No one is better qualified to serve this great City at its highest level, than the one who has loved it from the start and served it from the bottom up — ‘Karen Bass.’ That’s why, even though I now live in OC, I am texting and making calls because I want to do my part in making sure Congresswoman Bass becomes MAYOR BASS!” said Darlene Futrel. 

“Authentic. Accomplished. Tenacious. Visionary. She is the right leader for our City during a time such as this!” said Thryeris S. Mason.

“We are excited to support Karen Bass’ historic bid to become the next mayor of Los Angeles! We’re ready to #BuildBlackPoliticalPower on June 7th to get her elected,” said Taelor Nicholas, The Collective PAC. 

“Karen Bass has the proven track record and the vision to lead Los Angeles through its many challenges. She has been relentless in her fight for justice and police accountability, as she played a key role in President Biden’s recent executive order on the issue. As Mayor of Los Angeles, she will show that a Black Woman in power can empower an entire city to confront its many challenges, and I cannot wait to see what she will do,” said Rachel Noerdlinger, National Communications Strategist. 

“Karen Bass has the experience, the coalition building skills, the policy chops, the toughness, the empathy, and the governing skills needed to be mayor of LA,” said Cookie Parker, Executive Advisor, Philanthropist, and Community Activist.

“Because the time is now to have a Mayor of Los Angeles that looks like the majority of the people of this city and is a woman. Women leaders have long proven how to execute and implant plans and policies and that is exactly what Los Angeles needs right now. Karen knows who to call to get the levers of the city moving and working for all people,” said Vanessa Spencer, BronxWood Projects Inc.

“Congresswoman Bass is the courageous leader we need.  She has the audacity of experience we need to run this incredible city — her resilience and wisdom has united communities for decades.  I am ready to see Karen Bass blaze this new trail as the first female mayor of Los Angeles,” said Bridgid Coulter Cheadle, Blackbird Collective PBC.

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