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Higher Heights for America PAC

BROOKLYN (September 2, 2021) – Higher Heights for America PAC, the only organization exclusively dedicated to electing more progressive Black women at all levels, announces its endorsement of Attica Scott for election to the U.S. House to represent Kentucky’s 3rd Congressional District. 

Scott, a native of Louisville, Kentucky, knows exactly what is needed to get Kentucky moving in the right direction. Scott served on the Louisville Metro Council from 2011-2014, and in 2016, became the first Black woman to serve in the Kentucky General Assembly since 2000. During her time serving the constituents of Louisville, Scott successfully spearheaded a minimum wage increase and a bill to ban the box on job applications, as well as a resolution to restore voting rights. While serving in the supermajority GOP state legislature, Scott filed over 80 bills, including a bill banning no-knock warrant searches, which came under fire during the killing of Breonna Taylor. 

“As a public servant, I have fought for policies that will uplift everyone across the city. We are a diverse community, facing many challenges. I know these challenges because I have faced them personally. The experiences of the past few years have forced me to see that now is the time to grab the mantle and fight for change. I will not wait any longer to stand up and speak out. Washington has the power to give people the resources they need to succeed if our leaders have the courage to make the change. I am that leader,” Scott said. 

During these unprecedented times, Scott’s leadership is what Kentucky needs. From advocating to lowering the vaccination age, to encouraging vaccine distribution in Black churches in the West End, as well as, sponsoring the Black Maternal Care Act in partnership with the ACLU of Kentucky and Planned Parenthood, Scott realizes the disparities that exist in her state. Scott also wants to address the education inequalities that exist in Kentucky and address the underlying cause of dropouts and the greater effect it has on communities of color. 

“If Attica wins, she will become the first Black woman to represent Kentucky in Congress. This is a momentous time for Kentucky. Attica is a much-needed voice for all Kentucky residents, especially those who have experienced inequalities.  Attica is a proud Kentuckian and with her experience and leadership, she will stand for those who are looking for change and those who want a new Kentucky that’s inclusive to all,” said Glynda C. Carr, President, and CEO of Higher Heights. 


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