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BROOKLYN (December 6, 2023)Higher Heights for America PAC, the only political action committee exclusively dedicated to electing more Black women to public office, has officially announced its endorsement of Flojaune “Dr. Flo” Cofer for Mayor of Sacramento, CA.   

A dedicated public health advocate and policy expert, Dr. Cofer brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to equitable systems. 

 Motivated by the loss of her father to preventable causes, Dr. Cofer holds a Doctorate in Epidemiology from the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health, specializing in indigenous reproductive health and aging women’s health. Throughout her impactful career, Dr. Cofer significantly contributed to California’s public health sector. Her advocacy extended beyond individual health, championing policy objectives such as access to preventive services, free wellness visits, maternity care coverage, breast pumps, and birth control for women. 

 Dr. Cofer’s unique blend of personal experiences, commitment to racial justice, and data-driven approach make her a compelling candidate for mayor. Her vision for Sacramento includes setting policy and budget priorities, fostering community engagement, exploring cost-effective solutions, promoting green initiatives, and ensuring the safety of all communities. 

 “Dr. Flo has made it her priority to serve the constituents of Sacramento in a remarkable way, using her voice to bullhorn health and homelessness as top priorities. She takes pride in her city and is truly capable of making the changes necessary to move Sacramento forward and improve the lives of those who have been systemically left out,” said Eboni Taylor, Vice President of Program for Higher Heights PAC. “Higher Heights is proud to support Dr. Flo because she is committed to giving a voice to the voiceless and continues to prove that her commitment to the city of Sacramento is her number one priority. We look forward to her leadership as she takes Sacramento to higher heights.” 


About Higher Heights for America PAC 

Higher Heights for America PAC is the only political action committee exclusively dedicated to electing more progressive Black women at the federal and statewide levels and as mayors in the 100 most populated U.S. cities. For additional information, visit